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Darksiders III (Win 10) Walkthrough Discussion

  • Rossco7530Rossco75301,386,659
    Posted on 19 April 20 at 02:13Permalink
    Hi all,

    I'm porting over my walkthrough from the console version. The game is the same with just a few very minor differences. My plan is to include keyboard/mouse controls for this version. I know that most people here will play with a controller, in which instance you can check the console walkthrough if you are stuck for controls.

    It's quite long but obviously most of the work is already done. It hopefully shouldn't take too long, but if you're keen to make a start, check out the console WT here.

    Enjoy the apocalypse!
  • Rossco7530Rossco75301,386,659
    Posted on 26 April 20 at 10:05Permalink
    This has just been submitted for review. It uses the keyboard/mouse controls which was fun, to put it mildly! (If you're not used to them, I highly recommend you stick with a controller - I found them very difficult).

    As always, please post here or message me if you come across any problems or have any feedback.
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