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Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York Walkthrough Discussion

  • PanzariusPanzarius944,886
    Posted on 19 April 20 at 18:15
    Good day all,

    I have taken on the task of writing the Achievement Walkthrough for this game.

    As it is a short game and I have already written all achievement decisions done, it shouldn't take long to write up, so expect a guide up very soon :)

    I will also state at a potential 3-6hr total completion, it is VERY good for achievement hunters.

    *Polite Bow*

  • SiegfriedXSiegfriedX3,614,514
    Posted on 29 April 20 at 16:28
    I'm waiting for this since day one. Hope it's not long until it's published :)
  • Posted on 30 April 20 at 13:39
    It was submitted for publishing a few days ago. Just waiting on a manager check now!
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  • NutriWhipNutriWhip2,535,046
    Posted on 06 January 21 at 19:03
    The walkthrough should be updated to mention that the game has a fast forward option now. You hold the X button and it will automatically fast forward to the next dialog choice, speeding the game up significantly. I was using the X button to manually get to each choice without automatically choosing it with the A button. I don't know why I didn't try and hold the button down until my third playthrough. facepalm
  • Deathwing666Deathwing666840,607
    Posted on 27 January 21 at 19:18, Edited on 27 January 21 at 19:18 by Deathwing666
    The character Lamar is not an Tremere, he is an Toreador, please correct that.
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