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Growing Achievement Hunter Discord

  • SaurvivalistSaurvivalist643,732
    Posted on 19 April 20 at 07:42, Edited on 25 May 20 at 10:02 by SaurvivalistPermalink
    Want to join a growing/friendly community of achievement hunters? Join The Great Valley where you can join us in setting up boosting sessions for games like Overwatch, Smite, and Destiny, partake in our community games/events, or just make more buddies to hunt and game with!

    Our current goals are to create an achievement world for Terraria and find more nice people to create an awesome community! We try very hard to keep out all the toxicity and drama you may find to keep a positive, friendly, and engaging environment.

    Permanent invite link:
  • JackBlaiseJackBlaise439,178
    Posted on 20 June 20 at 19:38Permalink
    Just joined!
  • SaurvivalistSaurvivalist643,732
    Posted on 28 June 20 at 16:53Permalink
    When I last posted the server had around 30 members and we had a goal of making a Terraria achievement world...we now have 200 members, achievement worlds for not only Terraria but Minecraft 360/One and even 7 Days to Die, almost every viral achievement to spread around, not to mention we're partnered with a top 100 clan in 'Gears POP!'.

    Our current goal now is simple:
    Get more awesome people to join and grow the community with fun and gamerscore!

    Join the discord today to see what else we have to offer from community boost nights, launch parties for those great new games coming out, and giveaways!

    Permanent invite link:
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