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Never Out

  • wildwest08wildwest08904,648
    Posted on 19 April 20 at 15:40, Edited on 19 April 20 at 16:44 by wildwest08Permalink
    Anybody have any tips on how this unlocked for them? I tried the different guides and did exactly what the achievement said, but it won't unlock at all

    Edit 4/19/2020
    I tried different ways to unlock this and nothing works. Only thing I can think of would be to try online with other people. I don't know if that is possible but I would be happy to try. No one has unlocked it since 4/16 I believe.

    I went to tweet at the company and someone had already beat me to it. They replied that they will look into it. I added my reply that I was having issues as well
  • wildwest08wildwest08904,648
    Posted on 19 April 20 at 21:32Permalink
    I would tweet @ the company (Bit Dragon) so they can see it is a widespread issue and hopefully fix it
    Posted on 20 April 20 at 04:03Permalink
    Hey buddy same problem in here. If you want to try online give me a shoot out!
  • wildwest08wildwest08904,648
    Posted on 22 April 20 at 05:42Permalink
    Patch is out and it works again as of 4/21/2020 I believe. Thanks for those who helped bring this to the attention of the developers
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