Game Discussion: Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr

"Careful, Thorn" bugged for anyone else?

  • Posted on 20 April 20 at 03:40Permalink
    So I have completed the judgment of Caius Thorn twice now and the achievement "Careful, Thorn" never popped. I have judged him through the Radical path and the Puritan path, both times, nothing. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there anything special that needs to be done.

    The mission right before I get to judge Thorn ends by us getting teleported back to the ship without the option for me to quit the mission. Is that how it should work? I see people getting the achievement still but I have been burned twice now. Looking for any help.
  • Posted on 10 May 20 at 09:30Permalink
    Neocore set me up a character right before judging Caius Thorn and when I talked to him nothing happened again. Seems to be an Xbox issue at this point.
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