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MudRunner Xbox Quest

  • Posted on 21 April 20 at 17:00Permalink
    How did you complete the Mudrunner Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
  • JayBR0JayBR081,236
    Posted on 21 April 20 at 17:16Permalink
    Look here:

    MudRunnerMushroomerThe Mushroomer achievement in MudRunner worth 36 pointsSquelch 50 mushrooms in total

    The achievement is for 50 Should be much easier to get 15.
  • Shoxy24Shoxy2485,675
    Posted on 21 April 20 at 18:02Permalink
    As above, go to 'The Bog' map, head towards the fuel station on the west of the map (following the road is easiest) and they'll be in the swampy area with all the dead trees. The road goes straight through the middle of the area. Was a bit of a pain spotting the mushrooms but luckily I'd done some training in a previous life searching for mushrooms in fields.
  • Posted on 21 April 20 at 18:09Permalink
    This quest trigger an achievement?
  • Mysterio400Mysterio4001,094,626
    Posted on 21 April 20 at 18:36Permalink
    Thanks, I got it without getting any achievement with The Bog method. There is an achievement for knocking down 100 trees so just be careful of hitting that. I finished at 40% while trying to avoid trees as best as I could (which wasn't that good).
  • Posted on 21 April 20 at 18:45Permalink
    I got the quest without popping an achievement. However, I was pretty close to unlocking Lumberjack (72/100) for knocking over trees, so be cautious if you don't want this in your lists
  • stebeer85stebeer85480,521
    Posted on 21 April 20 at 18:49Permalink
    I’ll try on guest account first I think
  • Corrupt XBACorrupt XBA2,015,636
    Posted on 21 April 20 at 18:52Permalink
    I know the reasons why, but I still find it odd that these comments all seem to be on how to avoid any achievements
  • xWSx LoganxWSx Logan306,022
    Posted on 21 April 20 at 19:30Permalink
    Hey everyone,

    Here is a relatively simple and quick video guide to unlock this week's MudRunner Weekly Xbox Game Pass Rewards Quest which asks you to "Squelch 15 mushrooms." Thanks to wolfsburgraz for the recommendation.

    Video here:

    If you're starting the game for the first time, the game will throw you straight into the tutorial. You can immediately exit the tutorial by hitting Start and selecting Main Menu. It will then try to make you do challenges, but don't accept. So, from the main menu:

    1) Single Player
    2) Choose The Bog map
    3) Select Start New Game
    4) Once you load in, you're going to want to head West/North West from the starting area, just south of the Fuel Station (Check the map with the back button)
    5) Press B to remove your parking brake
    6) Hold RT to start your engine and begin moving
    7) Follow the road until you get to the cleared out marsh area just south of the Fuel Station (you will have to cross a large river along the way that looks like it will sweep you away but somehow doesn't)
    8) Once you get to the marsh area, begin looking for mushrooms to run over. There is an image at the beginning of the video of some examples.
    9) Run the mushrooms over avoiding the larger trees (you'll notice in the video I managed to get stuck between trees because the truck is difficult to maneuver)
    10) Run over 15 mushrooms and you're done!

    -Avoid running over a bunch of trees if you don't want to get any achievements. There is an achievement for running over 100 trees
    -If you run over 50 mushrooms, you'll get an achievement for that

    Hope this helps!
  • Quillz717Quillz717406,709
    Posted on 21 April 20 at 22:55Permalink
    I just want to say thank you to everyone here, that post all this useful information so fast. You people don’t get enough credit
  • Posted on 21 April 20 at 23:52Permalink
    Just a side note : you can certainly skip the tutorial, but completing it did not unlock an achievement for me. The tutorial is fairly short and painless and (of course) helps explain the controls, which in this game are not totally obvious.

    Doing the tutorial might increase your odds of unlocking some sort of achievement (for total miles driven or something) but I was able to do the tutorial and use the bog method to complete the mushroom challenge without unlocking an achievement, FWIW.
  • Master PantzMaster Pantz211,183
    Posted on 22 April 20 at 00:32Permalink
    Love u guys who make guides and videos <3
  • stebeer85stebeer85480,521
    Posted on 22 April 20 at 00:43Permalink
    Not only watch the trees but some bushes were counting as trees for me, it was a close call, 91 trees I apparently mowed down and I recall knocked 11 over so just be careful if you don’t wanna unlock a achievement and keep checking the cheevo tracker.
  • MoscowvicentMoscowvicent133,593
    Posted on 22 April 20 at 02:11Permalink
    The way to spot the mushrooms are there are light brown you know when you squish them when you see light squished Brown thing on the ground
  • smoli83smoli83323,515
    Posted on 22 April 20 at 02:50Permalink
    Just a note on the tracking of the quest. I checked my progress in the rewards quests about half way through my 15 mushrooms, and it had only tracked 3... When I went back to the game, I noticed it saying 'saving' in the corner, so I kept going, and when I'd for sure done 15, I saw it say 'saving' again in the corner, and the quest popped. So, I'm guessing that the quest tracks when the game saves, so it can update the status online?
    GT: smoli83
  • Posted on 22 April 20 at 04:01Permalink
    Video was very helpful. Thanks
  • PheanicsPheanics147,304
    Posted on 22 April 20 at 20:24Permalink
    Did not track on PC for me :(
  • Posted on 22 April 20 at 22:14Permalink
    Thanks for the video and comments.. Worked for me. Tracked whilst I was still in the game allowing me to quit whilst in the swamp....
  • MH The RockstarMH The Rockstar1,004,860
    Posted on 23 April 20 at 00:05Permalink
    Thanks for the mini guide - worked like a charm.
    Looking for a place to happen, making stops along the way.
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