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  • JeroenRosJeroenRos773,775
    Posted on 23 May 20 at 10:49Permalink
    To add to the 4th comment of Mike Marcelais, also after the "Now You See Me" achievement is an incorrectly formatted warning box.

    Nontheless excellent guide! :D
    Jeroen Ros
  • l00kAliveBudl00kAliveBud275,797
    Posted on 14 June 20 at 05:08Permalink
    Thanks for the awesome walkthrough, iGeordie93!

    Including my own little exploring, it probably took me around 10 hours.

    One thing I'd like to note, regarding the 'Not A Scratch' achievement. As soon as you enter the Crew Quarters, and first see the ASE unit through the window, then just around the corner where you scan the 'Stray Chair'. Beside that chair there is broken part of the window through which the evil ASE can actually zap you. I tested this when first going in (without reading ahead about the achievement), and of course, by the time I actually got to the point where you enter it's room and try to sprint between the pillars, it was too late to reset the checkpoint that far back.

    TLDR; maybe the achievement warning should be moved slightly higher up so it's placed after initially entering the Crew Quarters/just before the Stray Chair scan.
  • Polak LivePolak Live460,570
    Posted on 16 June 20 at 08:50Permalink
    Very clean walkthrough, thanks!
  • thanatos8285thanatos8285414,716
    Posted on 19 June 20 at 20:08Permalink
    This was one of the best walkthroughs I've ever used, the formatting was used expertly. Nice work, thanks!
  • PointherePointhere240,646
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 04:50Permalink
    Enjoyed the game and your walkthrough ensured 100% completion. Thank you very much.
  • iGeordie93iGeordie93543,814
    Posted on 08 July 20 at 04:15, Edited on 08 July 20 at 04:15 by iGeordie93Permalink
    Zashule 1765 said:
    Great walkthrough so far. One correction I noticed, when repairing the ASE Unit on page 5 of the walkthrough, one of the spoilers show:
    "In the small room to the Right of the ASE Unit"
    The room is actually to the left of the ASE Unit.

    Really well done walkthrough, thanks!!

    *edit: Found another for SARAH'S JOURNEY 3/5 - BROKEN TIRE.
    across the room and to the right and you will come across a tire near a portable work trolly/table thing.

    This is actually on the left

    *edit 2: Found one more. Page 8, immediately after Cosmic Marveller is unlcoked:
    Leave the room and head back down the corridor towards where you came in, and take a left into a second joining corridor.

    The corridor is actually on the right.
    thank you your suggestions have been changed
    ”Sorry, I saw an opening that just screamed ‘ATTACK,’ so I did, ha!” - Goku
  • iGeordie93iGeordie93543,814
    Posted on 08 July 20 at 04:34Permalink
    Mike Marcelais

    thank you for taking the time to submit this information. the relevant changes have been made
    ”Sorry, I saw an opening that just screamed ‘ATTACK,’ so I did, ha!” - Goku
  • iGeordie93iGeordie93543,814
    Posted on 08 July 20 at 04:36Permalink
    Polak Live

    and more.

    im glad you all liked my walkthrough for this game and very humbled by your comments and suggestions,

    once again major thank you

    happy gaming!cn_guide
    ”Sorry, I saw an opening that just screamed ‘ATTACK,’ so I did, ha!” - Goku
  • Posted on 16 July 20 at 06:06Permalink
    Excellent guide for an excellent game. Thanks.
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