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Xbox One Sale Roundup: April 28th, 2020

  • I Boz lI Boz l668,833
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 09:10Permalink
    Can i buy a dlc or season pass if i don't own the game (it's not even on GP or EA access to be precise)?
  • GerbasgamerGerbasgamer1,360,905
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 09:10Permalink
    I've got 10 items that I'm interested in so there's hardly "the same stuff" in this sale.
    Sure, you will come across duplicates but there are games I've never seen before and others that have never been this cheap.
  • psybOltOnpsybOltOn244,092
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 09:27Permalink
    Good to finally see some DLC and Season Pass, not so good to see they're not the ones I was hoping for :)

    I Boz l said:
    Can i buy a dlc or season pass if i don't own the game (it's not even on GP or EA access to be precise)?
    Sure you can. You can't play it obviously, but can buy and download it.
  • Blissed AwayBlissed Away596,577
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 09:51Permalink
    FiveWizz said:
    Such bad prices.

    When will our sale prices match playstation? They always have much deeper discounts.

    £22+ £18+ for these final fantasy games are not good sale prices. Smh.
    Some games are more pricey on PS4. Burnout Paradise Remastered and AC Ezio Collection have been cheaper on sale through Xbox.
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 10:01Permalink
    Swings and roundabouts guys!
  • JdobemJdobem739,445
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 10:02Permalink
    Path of Sin: Greed from Artifex Mundi at 75% off.
    Seems to be a weekly trend now, very nice.
  • Smudgenat0rSmudgenat0r641,163
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 10:13Permalink
    Might pick up the rest of the Resi Evil games I’m missing. Really getting into that series recently.
  • Posted on 28 April 20 at 10:24Permalink
    UnfurledEmu75 said:
    MF Draco said:
    gonna pick up shadow of the tomb raider season pass and I will just count on luck that it will come back to the gamepass.

    also, don't buy hitman 2 season pass if you don't own the hitman 1 goty edition, without that you won't get an access to one of the dlc's
    Where is the seasson pass for tomb raider? I also want to get it but cant find it in the store. Was it removed?

    Does the Definitive Edition contain the dlcs? because the store description doesnt say so, and they are separated from the bundle.
    Shadow of the tomb raider definitive edition is a bundle containing the game and the season pass (renamed to definitive edition extra content). You can just search on the store for shadow of the tomb raider and they'll be two options with the same picture, one's the game and one's the add-on.
  • AnToN XnAnToN Xn411,806
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 10:34Permalink
    Nothing for me this week cry
  • AgentZachMorganAgentZachMorgan1,514,367
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 10:48Permalink
    UnfurledEmu75 said:
    AgentZachMorgan said:
    Never seen the XCOM 2 dlc that cheap before, i think it's time i finally put that game to rest.
    On february the collection(all DLC & game) was at £19.99, the sum of these DLC is £20.7.
    That's nice. I'm talking about War of the Chosen, i don't need to buy everything else again.
    I came here to eat donuts and drink coffee... and I'm all out of donuts.
  • Guirec730Guirec730325,645
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 11:06Permalink
    Jesus, those are the SALE prices for Dynasty Warriors 9? Trippin'.
    State of the badass art.
  • Demo MCNDemo MCN190,994
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 11:53Permalink
    Not bad catch, backlog got some new additions:
    RE7 Gold
    RE: Revelations
    Also finally picked up Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3 laugh

    Next month of staying home should be fine. dance
  • Sensei NeoSensei Neo1,174,373
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 12:34Permalink
    I'll get Get Even
  • vegansoundvegansound685,328
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 13:22Permalink
    That's really too bad TA keeps this disposition about bundles. We can see season passes and packs, which are for DLCs. So making games bundles and DLCs sections would be clearer to everyone. And mainly, in the DLC section there are also season passes...............

    Or I don't even know why Knight Squad is in the bunle section since there's one DLC for the game, but it's to buy separately. And that's 'Far Cry 4 Season Pass' that is on sale for 8,99€, not 'Valley of the Yetis' (which is at 5,99€). Please TA, work on it, check the list before posting it.

    And what a pity too TA just puts the content names just as it comes, without reworking on it. For example, we can see a 'Season Pass', a 'Deluxe Kit' or a 'In-game Unlock Bundle'... Yeah, but it's not clearly showing for which game it is, we have to click the link. Waste of time... And there are tons like that.

    What a shame that since 'Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled' has came out, the 'Spyro + Crash Remastered' pack is not on sale anymore. I don't want the racing game, just the two remasters... But they're available in the 'Crash + Spyro Triple Play Bundle' pack only, or separately...

    TA, PLEASE create a filter for 'not interested' contents, I'm fed up with always watching the same old sales, looking for something new/interesting. But no... Where Steam already does, and a French site works on it, TA continues to avoid my comments and doesn't want users to make life easier.......
  • superniceguysuperniceguy288,584
  • Posted on 28 April 20 at 14:17Permalink
    Another week of being disappointed that Bus Simulator is not on sale.
  • Smithy373Smithy373431,302
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 14:26Permalink
    Tempted to get Final Fantasy 7 and 8, never did finish them back in the day
  • ZalexzyZalexzy1,501,211
    Posted on 28 April 20 at 15:55, Edited on 28 April 20 at 15:55 by ZalexzyPermalink
    WATCH_DOGS™ Season Pass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally, that took almost 3 years of waiting since game was gwg. I was so sure I would have to buy complete disc edition to get DLC cheaper.
    Any problem solved is a new problem made.
  • Posted on 28 April 20 at 15:56Permalink
    Jdobem said:
    Path of Sin: Greed from Artifex Mundi at 75% off.
    Seems to be a weekly trend now, very nice.
    Hopefully. I picked up the 8 game collection a few weeks ago and it would be nice to fill in some titles in each series.
    This space for rent.
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