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  • Posted on 01 May 20 at 05:08Permalink
    Please use this thread to discuss the Demon's Tilt walkthrough.
  • JeroenRosJeroenRos725,122
    Posted on 10 May 20 at 21:16Permalink
    All text has been written and most of the screenshots have been taken. All that I need to do now is get the remaining screenshots needed for the walkthrough, edit all of them to make clear what I mean and then check all pages of text to see if I did not say anything funny and I did not make any silly grammatical mistakes.
    Jeroen Ros
  • JeroenRosJeroenRos725,122
    Posted on 13 May 20 at 06:44Permalink
    The walkthrough has been sent for review! :)
    Jeroen Ros
  • SmachiemoeSmachiemoe2,003,064
    Posted on 28 May 20 at 10:09, Edited on 28 May 20 at 10:11 by SmachiemoePermalink
    It may not be an option for everyone but I just thought I'd share how I completed this game with minimal effort. I just streamed to Win 10 so I could use my 360 Hori and turbod the left and right bumper on the slowest speed. Then I just let it run until I had a good start... with the exception of the top most part and there I frequently tilt to try to stay up there. It's really great for the multiballs but otherwise the aiming isn't great, but the aiming sucks so much that if you get lucky enough to trigger a few multiballs you'll probably make good progress. Of course this will help with the cumulative achievements but I even got the hardest ones this way, but it did take me probably twice as long as the walkthough estimate. Hope it helps someone.
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