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Would have 100% if it weren't for the flags from hell club

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Posted on 27 May 09 at 05:26
The easiest way to do it is to just start over and get everything in each section using the map link provided in the solutions

That's exactly how I did it and I had no problem, 100 percent done
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Posted on 28 May 09 at 13:35, Edited on 05 June 09 at 12:28 by BlakZombiToken
flags/templers and conversationalist - just cant face the grind oh yeah and i've just had a random templer die on me dont know exactly where - lol

update -grinded it out over the course of a week or so - so 100% yippee
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Posted on 22 July 09 at 17:09
Sign me up for this club! Though, I already got 100%.

Who knew flag pick ups was a strenuous requirement to being an assassin?

The website on the solutions saved me years of my life.
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Posted on 23 July 09 at 16:06
Everything but flags, templars, and conversationalist. The website is a little difficult, but it makes things slightly easier.
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BPG Joker
BPG Joker
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Posted on 07 August 09 at 05:46
I have played this game. trying to find the flags does drag down this great game. I used the map from the guide book and as I got each flag I crossed it off. but in some areas it took a lot of patience trying to match up the right flags with the spots on the map. I found that it was easiest to do one section as it unlocks. (before killing the target of each section)
AW Fubucious
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Posted on 08 August 09 at 02:41
here is the site i use to get all the flags u can put your mouse over the place and see a pic of where the flag is. hope this help it did me to complete the game after months of waiting to do it.
AW Fubucious
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Posted on 30 August 09 at 04:24
Nice website. I just finished AC and I have about 95% of the flags and about 15 Templars left. Those are the achievements I missed (everything else fell into place throughout the game basically). I tried to ignore all the flags because it will be easier to use an FAQ and I knew I'd get extremely bored if I tried to get them AND play the game. And after I finished AC, I said screw the flags... until I saw that site heh. I may go back and get them one day because of that site. This may end up being my first complete game.
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Posted on 30 August 09 at 04:29, Edited on 30 August 09 at 04:29 by NightStalkar
Yeah, I remember using that site as well. Made it a cakewalk with patience.
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Posted on 14 September 09 at 06:17
SHoWoFF xX o9
Except for conversation-blahblah which i couldnt be bothered playing through again then yes im in the club. I even bought the book with all the templars and flags and am still missing a few flags and templars from every place.
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Posted on 22 September 09 at 15:27, Edited on 22 September 09 at 17:02 by redchaoschao94
33/34 in the Rich District of Acre.

Been at this since 7 AM (11:27 AM at the current), checked through the locations on the AC Maps website and went through with the dots about 5 times, checked two different Youtube walkthroughs, cleared the system cache...

Gragh, major head ache. I think I'll give this a rest for the day...or a week...maybe a few years. laugh

EDIT: Never mind, found it! I swear, everytime I give up on these things, I find them when I'm just randomly running around. Onwards to Damascus, Jerusalem, and those Templars now, I guess. Don't know why I got a Twitter, but I did.
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Posted on 07 October 09 at 04:34
I think that achievement is named perfectly: Personal Vendetta
I hunted my ass off for every one of those basterds
And def use Makes it so much easier
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