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The Taller I Grow achievement list revealed

  • cosmologyxcosmologyx1,035,432
    Posted on 15 May 20 at 14:34Permalink
    the taller i grow, the bigger my bcn_Alls get
  • SprinkyDinkSprinkyDink1,508,137
    Posted on 15 May 20 at 15:02Permalink
    Its amazing i was going to make the same joke
  • JYN209JYN209229,255
    Posted on 17 May 20 at 07:50Permalink
  • SkarviTSkarviT160,248
    Posted on 17 May 20 at 12:28Permalink
    Hard game?
    From BR.
  • KinectKid333KinectKid333651,118
    Posted on 18 May 20 at 18:30Permalink
    Looks like GOTY to me
    Theory and practice are the same in theory, but not in practice.
  • Posted on 18 May 20 at 23:00Permalink
    Actually a really fun puzzle platformer! toast
  • Posted on 23 May 20 at 09:36Permalink
    Really hard on hard mode 😒
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