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quicker completion

  • bobby trippebobby trippe447,046
    Posted on 15 May 20 at 22:31, Edited on 27 May 20 at 00:12 by bobby trippe
    If you like role-playing games and zombies then you are just going to.... tolerate this game. If you started this game already hopefully the below advice will get you wrapped up with it and moved on quicker.

    -All achievements can be obtained in regular mode.
    -The game is very sticky and slow at times. If the area on the map you want to visit is not highlighted red, you will not visit it despite placing the cursor on desired area. If you choose the wrong area, you can quit the game to avoid any missed opportunities.
    -If you die, you can quit the game via cn_guideto start that day over again without having to start a new campaign. Just be really quick about it before it saves.
    -There are 6 different endings (3 positive and 3 negative) but you can complete all with a minimum of 3 play-throughs. I was able to unlock some by going off line and deleting local saves but it was inconsistent. When/if they did unlock they popped during regular game play sometimes 30 mins later. I seemed to have better luck with unlocking the failed ending using the the delete save method.
    -There are 4 different relationship statuses you can end the game with. All are unlocked only with positive endings. Going solo is the easiest and should be saved for last. I found Lydia to be the most common woman to find. If you flirt with her/return affection early in the campaign there will be no consequence with her husband. All three are randomly generated in each campaign. I found Jennifer more often than Larissa so if you have Larissa, choose to romance with her on day 32. My general advice would be to save the no romance for your last playthrough; you might be able to work your way around an extra play-through by doing the offline/local deleting during the day 40 mission by getting your romance killed, complete the game then go back online.
    -You probably wont craft any trap parts so sell them. However, you will need some around day 34 so keep at least 6. You probably wont craft any needle meds so sell needles and serum. You probably wont craft any ammo either. In general, if you need parts just sell stuff. It is a good idea to have some materials on hand in the event of a trade opportunity.
    -Build up your main character's mellee and survival. Arm him with a pistol but dont rely on it or build it up until everything else is topped off. At some point, upgrade to engineer 3. This will give you the trap option that is huge when on solo missions. For the pre-game upgrades choose the one that gives you the most attack power. Whichever you do decide on, keep upgrading all the way up. You should be able to fully upgrade just over 2 pre-game stats during the coarse of your completion.
    -Have one character build their melee cunning and shotgun in that order; Bill or Jennifer likely. Have another character build up melee, rifle. The other characters leave at base and build up one with all points towards cunning and have them guard every day, one with all points towards cunning and have them hunt and one with all points towards crafts. All other characters can either guard or idle.
    -When you only need to complete specific endings, skip all missions that would bring in more people resulting in a community of more than 5. The Sheriff's missions to eliminate punks and hordes are the only ones worth taking as they award tools. Use the tools to hunt food and the food to defend the base. Your main character should guard if there are no tools.
    -I was able to day 35 while only on exp lv12
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  • RandomnuttaRandomnutta1,394,699
    Posted on 24 August 20 at 03:52
    I’ve been trying for days now to refuse the hungry family but in one play through they rock up only twice, am I missing something?
  • Posted on 29 April 21 at 19:24
    You should do a walkthrough for this.
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