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Rally fan achievement

  • Posted on 19 May 20 at 04:43Permalink
    Wondering how people unlocked this. Ive done 700 rally races in career mode only to find out my tracker is stuck at 33%. Ive tried racing more online and in quick play but cant seem to move my tracker. Has any one had this problem or is it just bugged for me?

    What mode did you play to get races to track for this achievement ?

    After the 700 to no achievement i decided to delete my career and try again hopeing it would register all the rally’s as new/ different rally’s this did not seem to move my tracker.

    Ive re installed the game aswell.

    Currently I'm just going in quick mode and choosing a different randomized track every race waiting for it to pop and maybe my tracker is just broken.

    zx kingxkong xz
  • Posted on 21 May 20 at 18:04Permalink
    Answered my own question , for any one having problems with the tracker please read.

    After resetting my save data, my tracker started to work again at 170 rallys which i guess was about 33%. I am doing the same japan race in quick play 2.5km.

    So if your tracker randomly stops i suggest you delete your save and try again, i still don't know why it randomly stopped at 170 rallys.
    zx kingxkong xz
  • Grindor 777Grindor 777160,373
    Posted on 24 May 20 at 17:11Permalink
    i has do be differnt Rallys not the same or ?
    because ist says 500 differnet Rallys ?
  • Posted on 24 May 20 at 23:42Permalink
    Yes it works if you replay the same track just hit x when you finish the race in quick play
    zx kingxkong xz
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    I think the achievement description is a little misleading because I don't even think there are 500 different rally stages in the game so you would have to repeat races anyway.
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