Game Discussion: Disney Sing It

how is this game

  • PlayerOneAFKPlayerOneAFK117,558
    Posted on 09 December 08 at 20:51
    is it any good and is worth buying or renting?
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  • Weapon360Weapon360329,367
    Posted on 07 May 09 at 08:56
    Believe it or not, it's not that bad of a karaoke game. If you can stomach the fact that these are all songs from Disney Channel movies and artists, it feels better than the Karaoke Revolution: American Idol games. I'd rent it though since it's pretty easy to get all of the Achievements in the game. If you can find it for cheap and you need a space USB mic, though, there's no shame in buying it as long as you or someone you know is a fan of this stuff.
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  • devtey0708devtey070882,730
    Posted on 30 May 09 at 19:06
    does anyone no if the lipsmics work with this game
  • Posted on 22 November 12 at 16:46
    no they dont
  • devtey0708devtey070882,730
    Posted on 22 November 12 at 19:53
    thanx parsley
  • FrizbogFrizbog467,221
    Posted on 17 August 17 at 18:26
    Do the headset mics (that plug into the controller) work for this?

  • Posted on 17 August 17 at 18:49
    Nope, must be an actual microphone
  • FrizbogFrizbog467,221
    Posted on 17 August 17 at 20:03
    Thanks Legends
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