Game Discussion: Fire: Ungh's Quest (Windows)

Level 8 Red Fly Issue and Solution!

  • ShadowRaven9ShadowRaven9299,410
    Posted on 30 May 20 at 03:17
    If you're trying to figure out why the last red fly on level 8 isnt moving fast enough than search no further!

    This game is oddly tied to screen refresh rate (as well as frame rate) so the physics connected to the speed the red fly gets a little weird for people with screens above 60Hz. I have a Gsync/Freesync display and for the life of me could not get the fly to the goal for the coin. I turned off my game, and set my screen to 60Hz and voila, the red fly was snappy and responsive and I couldnt easily outpace it anymore.

    If you've ever played Skyrim on PC, and went above 60FPS, objects would just go FLYING across the screen. This is because engines typically play nice to a locked, 60 FPS or lower. The problem is that our tech is "too" good.

    Ask me questions instead of giving me downvotes! I can help out anyway possible.
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