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Realpolitiks New Power achievement list revealed

  • 教義教義889,889
    Posted on 03 June 20 at 00:46Permalink
    While the gamerscore values are... Absolutely hilarious to see, it's also funny as fuck that this type of politically-charged game is being released during these times.
    Are you listening? Okay. Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother? I hurt people.
  • Posted on 03 June 20 at 02:01Permalink
    I can totally get behind a game with weird score values!
  • ljwavesljwaves805,564
    Posted on 03 June 20 at 02:23, Edited on 03 June 20 at 02:27 by ljwavesPermalink
    A 3 year old phone game being sold at 3 times the price on console.

    Weird Gamerscore values.

    An unlock all achievements achievement that will likely be be broken.

    Multiple publishers.

    Fun times.
  • jxlive021jxlive021532,141
    Posted on 03 June 20 at 08:11Permalink
    at least 20-30 hours full completion?
  • Posted on 03 June 20 at 12:24Permalink
    great game
  • TinShadowcatTinShadowcat290,034
    Posted on 12 June 20 at 01:25Permalink
    Seems like this game has been out for quite a while on other platforms but I can't find a single scenario walkthrough for it. Just not very popular?
  • segagamersegagamer446,745 446,745 GamerScore
    Posted on 15 June 20 at 20:37Permalink
    Is this a long completion?
  • TrujewTrujew272,964
    Posted on 16 June 20 at 01:05, Edited on 16 June 20 at 02:25 by TrujewPermalink
    Thank god this is an Xbox play anywhere title. The controller cursor is horribly slow for this game. Recommend you download the Win 10 version and use a mouse
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