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A huge Xbox sale has just gone live on the Microsoft Store — here's everything on offer

  • CanezzaCanezza58,822
  • wolfsburgrazwolfsburgraz522,854
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:05Permalink
    That DR4 Deluxe price is bananas. shock Buying right away in case it's a mistake!
  • Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:07Permalink
    Is this all for XBONE?
    Law Violation
  • SuperPed13SuperPed13434,575
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:08Permalink
    Might buy

    Fallout 76
    Mass effect Andromeda
  • YODA12320YODA123201,534,159
  • anthonyd46anthonyd461,021,274
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:14Permalink
    I still need Trivial Pursuit live for the 360 wonder if they will put that on sale since one version is on sale.
  • C64 MatC64 Mat1,082,762
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:14Permalink
    Literally just sold my boxed copy of DR4 on eBay. Posted it yesterday. Mwahahahaha
    "I gotta be honest, entering a bunch of 25 character codes to have gear spit out of the magic box kinda sucks" - Rista B
  • Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:14Permalink
    Just skimed the list a few games i want but eeeh
    Gamer for lifeFan of games not plastic boxs
  • superniceguysuperniceguy290,238
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:17Permalink
    Prey is on sale but £9.99? Was £4.99 last time. If I did not have game pass I would have bought it for £4.99.

    Will have to wait some more now. I hate game pass, if I had not started it I would not be so eager to get it and finish off, but no way I am paying double price
  • EchtzeitEchtzeit477,609
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:17Permalink
    Wow, they managed to not trigger a single alarm from my HUGE wishlist. Well done!
  • FailedSeppukuFailedSeppuku1,147,837
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:19Permalink
    The wife really wanted to play Diablo over the weekend, you know that urge to play a certain game and i said to her 'it goes on sale all the time' but she bought it anyway for £55 and it's £17 in this sale... i won't tell her.
  • GT3OptionFanGT3OptionFan116,277
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:20Permalink
    Interested to see if additional 360 games go on sale with this in the near future as the summer sale. Seems kind of random otherwise
  • Jazzy201Jazzy201974,466
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:21, Edited on 05 June 20 at 06:17 by Jazzy201Permalink
    I can't resist the stand-alone DLCs for AC: Origins at 60% off. I doubt it will go lower than that for a long while-

    Edit: Actually, I'll take the Gold Edition-
    Game recognizes game playa...and you lookin' kinda unfamiliar right now-
  • Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:30Permalink
    It baffles me how they calculate the prices for the older Call Of Duty games.
    Xbox sales and Steam. The prices are always well above what you'd expect.
    The multiplayer argument can't even be made really, because look at the price of GTA V and the online for that game must be insanely busier than that of COD Ghosts.
    That was an improvement, but it's not hard to improve on garbage. Try it again.
  • Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:33Permalink
    That's a big sale, buuuuut... at a glance I don't see a single thing I'll be buying. Will give it a closer look later.
  • vSullyvSully939,237
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:36Permalink
    These are sale prices? Geez. It’s tough for me to buy anything that isn’t on an extremely deep discount when I have hundreds of games already in the backlog.
  • Vanstrom336Vanstrom336586,996
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:37Permalink
    It's kind of crazy how expensive Resident Evil 7's DLC stays during any sale. It's the only thing left I need to finish my Resident Evil collection for the One.
  • dolanquackdolanquack17,042
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:38Permalink
    Origins Gold on a record-low for $20! Time to redeem those points
  • Maxumilli0nMaxumilli0n785,945
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 15:38Permalink
    TLDR not much difference on most of titles from previous times they've been on sale. Typical AAA Ubi/Bethesda/Activision sale
    But thanks?
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