Game Discussion: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (CA/DE/FR)

Looking to buy a copy

  • BytyqiBytyqi776,444
    Posted on 09 June 20 at 21:59
    Looking to buy this game. If you have it for sale, please send me a PM.
    Yes, I'm the one they call the Fable guy.
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,742,188
    Posted on 15 June 20 at 13:38
    I have 3 copies for sale.
  • styze2styze2777,248
    Posted on 11 July 20 at 04:18
    Which version?
  • BytyqiBytyqi776,444
    Posted on 17 July 20 at 14:16
    styze2 said:
    Which version?
    Any that I can unlock these achievements in.
    Yes, I'm the one they call the Fable guy.
  • Posted on 19 September 20 at 11:25 sends anywhere in Europe I just got one with shipping for 7€ from Germany to the Netherlands
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