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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 & 2.5 ReMix, No Man's Sky and more come to Xbox Game Pass in June

  • Posted on 12 June 20 at 19:06, Edited on 12 June 20 at 19:13 by Ostrowidzki1989
    Vok 250 said:
    What an amazing month! I blew my money on KH already, but I don't mind if it helps signal to Japan to keep up the Xbox support.
    We really do need to signal Japan to release more games on xbox. It's crazy how many good RPGs are just on playstation that could have been ported over to xbox and America.

    I'm really hoping that the next generation of consoles do better in Japan, because I personally absolutely lovevme a good RPG, but not fond of Sony due to the navigation and how cloud saves work. Not really a fan of Nintendo either due to lack of achievements and overall worse, niche hardware. Not really a fan of PC either due to achievements on steam being absolutely redundant in how they're implemented on top of how their community supports mods which make some admirable completions trivial. Whenever I look something up on YouTube like farming scrap in the surge, you find guides how to edit edit the game's code for infinite scrap; that makes the surge on pc no different than a ratalaika completion.

    So yeah. Really wish Japan would give us more awesome RPGs and acknowledge we want them too (I hate how they assume xbox just wants call of duty).
  • wildwest08wildwest08992,967
    Posted on 15 June 20 at 01:04
    Boots Orion said:
    Elite1111111111 said:
    Ludio Nomen said:
    Dang it, I didn't think KH was coming to Game Pass so I bought it during the last sale. Though I guess with such long completion times, I wouldn't be surprised if I hadn't finished them by the time they eventually leave.
    Same thoughts for me. "Grr I already bought it, but at least I don't have a time limit.
    I often think that too, however, I've noticed that ever since I got game pass I'm constantly racing through GP games before they leave so I never actually get around to playing games I own BECAUSE they have no time limit.

    Regarding these additions: amazing selections! One of the best months in a while. The only downside is that they all take a really long time to get through. I like to play game series in order too, so I "can't" start KH 3 before doing the other ones - and KH 3 is likely to leave GP first. #decisions
    I was the same way at first but I try to rotate through the games I play and only rush through GP games if they are leaving. I try to do a GP game, backlog game, and 360 game in different orders so I can try to keep my backlog honest lol
  • wildwest08wildwest08992,967
    Posted on 15 June 20 at 01:57
    Looking at the list not much for me this month. I might get around to Kingdom Hearts one day but I have enough 100+ hour games in my backlog right now
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