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XIII remake release date leaked by Amazon store listing

  • Posted on 12 June 20 at 04:28
    Ostrowidzki1989 said:
    saturnsailor said:
    DmCTHREE6 said:
    Man, though I do love some of these remakes, the video game industry is becoming more like Hollywood in that they have to keep remaking things or making sequels for existing IPs. I'm just wondering when people will start to get tired of the remakes.
    Don't count on me. I'm tired of asking for more remasters and remakes and seeing how rarely they listen.
    I'm just wishing xeno saga and skies of Arcadia legends would get remastered. I'd pay full price to play those again.
    I wish they would remake Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. For some reason, I really enjoyed the game
  • frenchmau5frenchmau5397,428
    Posted on 12 June 20 at 05:12
    I'd rather have had a sequel given the original ended on a cliffhanger....
  • supkrissupkris910,769
    Posted on 12 June 20 at 06:54
    Ksar96 said:
    Wow.. XIII !! I watched my brothers playing this game when I was 8 or 9 years oldsmile
    Good to see that you still consider them your brothers. I thought you moved on 😏
  • AnxsighetyAnxsighety1,540,440
    Posted on 12 June 20 at 10:04
    Fall when new consoles are out. It’ll sell almost nothing.
  • Obi TW0Obi TW0244,399
    Posted on 12 June 20 at 12:39
    Really enjoyed this game so I'm happy to see it coming back. I do seem to remember some rather frustrating insta-fail stealth missions unfortunately (or my memory could be failing me).

    It was a shame XIII never received a sequel.
    Wha's in cherge?
  • AnToN XnAnToN Xn458,990
    Posted on 12 June 20 at 13:03
    Wow nice I remember countless hours playing it with friends, many years ago :)
  • Sensei NeoSensei Neo1,259,458
    Posted on 12 June 20 at 13:28, Edited on 12 June 20 at 13:29 by Sensei Neo
    I remember getting this for original xbox, only because of the 'new' graphical style. It was fun but slightly average
  • DMB GRUX 41DMB GRUX 41163,234
    Posted on 12 June 20 at 15:01
    I remember buying this multiple times and having it freeze at the same point in the story over and over again angry
  • Posted on 12 June 20 at 17:07
    Never played this before but it seems interesting.
    Doc, Doc, noose
  • CheevolutionCheevolution494,631
    Posted on 12 June 20 at 17:17
    Good memories. Hope they improved the cliffhanger ending!
    Have a nice day
  • BAMMphilBAMMphil762,817
    Posted on 12 June 20 at 19:11
    Played it back in the day and enjoyed it quite a lot.
  • Paul LaserbeamPaul Laserbeam1,831,327
    Posted on 12 June 20 at 20:29
    Anyone remember the one multiplayer mode where you chased a grim reaper that walked around singing?
  • TwistedTBTwistedTB765,305
    Posted on 13 June 20 at 04:28
    Played the campaign back in the gamecube days. Kind of an average shooter but I thought the presentation was fantastic, with the comic book style cut scenes, cel shaded graphics and jazz soundtrack.
    Warmest regards, TwistedTB.
  • Posted on 13 June 20 at 20:31
    Love it! smile
  • xLsWxxLsWx1,010,831
    Posted on 13 June 20 at 21:43
    Loved the game until 'that' ending
  • ChimpopolisChimpopolis280,616
    Posted on 14 June 20 at 22:21
    This was at the time when I was buying EVERYTHING and it kind of got left behind... didn’t give it the time it deserved. At least I’ll get a second chance now!
  • LeXXuzLeXXuz789,205
    Posted on 15 June 20 at 08:44, Edited on 15 June 20 at 08:45 by LeXXuz
    I played this on PC back in the days. compute

    I do remember it was quite enjoyable to play, but I can't remember ANYTHING about its story. shock

    Not really a day one buy but probably will buy it when it hits the bargain bin.
  • wildwest08wildwest081,173,575
    Posted on 15 June 20 at 15:32
    Never played it before so might check it out
  • Posted on 14 August 20 at 01:36
    I loved this game I believe I played it on original xbox !!! :)
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