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  • Posted on 14 June 20 at 23:11Permalink
    Hi all! I started a new Xbox profile a couple of weeks ago. I have been playing on playstation for many years and decided to invest in a new Xbox as I haven't played on Xbox for several years. I have a real passion for gaming and love getting achievements/trophies. I had over 200 platinum trophies in my collection on playstation. My psn was ButcherWife85. I am really looking forward to playing a huge library of games all over again and collecting all the achievements. However, I don't know many people at all from the Xbox community so please feel free to follow me and I will he sure to give you a follow back. My gamertag is MissPeachy85 . Thanks in advance!
  • ChewieOnIceChewieOnIce865,850
    Posted on 17 June 20 at 16:25Permalink
    Welcome! If you know your way around discord I recommend the AH101 discord and podcast as a great sub community of TAers.
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  • Itchy BahookItchy Bahook445,391
    Posted on 18 June 20 at 20:39Permalink
    Welcome to xbox & TA, great community all round.
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