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Replacing fuse in Xbox 360 plug - question

  • JBS 80JBS 80613,550
    Posted on 19 June 20 at 17:35Permalink
    Hi. I need to replace the fuse in the plug of my Xbox 360 (UK/Ireland). I should mention that the fuse did not blow - I just gave it away. The fuse I removed was a 10 Amp fuse, but I don't have a replacement 10 Amp fuse handy. Could I temporarily use a 5 Amp fuse instead without doing any damage to the 360 or the power brick?
  • LavindatharLavindathar1,628,606
    Posted on 19 June 20 at 18:17Permalink
    Without damage to the brick or 360? Yes, you can use a 5a fuse.

    However, the fuse will trip earlier (at 5a instead of 10). It might trip the moment you plug it in and turn it on, as I’ve no idea what current runs through normally when it’s not spiking).

    Surely you can wait til tomorrow and run to BnQ or something? I wouldn’t advise using it, as I think it will blow. But by blowing, it protects the things later in the circuit.
  • pezza888pezza888119,658
    Posted on 19 June 20 at 19:44Permalink
    On the bottom of my power brick (OG 360), it says it is rated for 2.7A, so a 5A fuse should work fine and won't trip. As the comment above says, if the fuse too low a rating it won't damage anything except itself (it will blow).
  • BeanpotterBeanpotter1,125,028
    Posted on 19 June 20 at 21:51Permalink
    Sellotape two 5A fuses together.
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