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Submitting disagreements/Genre Members

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    Posted on 22 June 20 at 09:37, Edited on 24 June 20 at 10:49 by KasugaSamaPermalink
    The genre team is a small force, and we don't always get it right when it comes to assigning new games the appropriate genre. In order to account for this, the genre disagreement system was set up. This allows the community to submit their reasoning as to why a certain genre should be added or removed from a game.

    In order to submit a disagreement you must have already played the game on your current gamertag. If you have, then go ahead to the games "achievements" page on TA. Once there, click on the (?) on the righthand side of the page next to the listed genres.

    With your disagreement written up in the post box be sure to click the "Add Genre Disagreement" button at the bottom of the page. Simply posting a reply will not notify the team that a disagreement has been raised and we will not be able to discuss or respond to it. Once submitted, the team will review the evidence you provided, discuss internally, and then post back with our conclusion.

    Note: If the game is less than 2 weeks old, the initial wave of genre voting is still ongoing, and all disagreements are ignored until after this period as the voting is subject to change the placeholder genres.

    You will then be taken to a forum where you may type out your disagreement. Here are some guidelines for a good disagreement:

    1. Evidence. Simply saying "This game should/shouldn't be X" is not helpful to the team, as that gives no indication of WHY it should/should not be X. It is up to the proponent of the disagreement to tell us what evidence they discovered while playing the game lead them to their conclusion. Gameplay videos backing up the written statement is also a huge plus. Simply saying "It plays like this genre" is also lacking in evidence.

    2. Have this title stand alone. Arguments on the side of "Well X game has less of this element but is still classified as Y genre, so therefore this game should be Y as well" leads back to there not being enough evidence for this particular title.

    3. Be in line with TA definitions. You may have your own thoughts and opinions on what certain genres are defined as, but TA has their own definitions of what genres are. Please make sure the change you're arguing in favor of aligns with the TA definition of these genres, which can be found here:

    Genre Documentation

    If you are looking to change the definition of a genre, please make a post in the genre definition discussion thread to petition for a change.

    4. Adhere to site rules. Please be respectful to the staff and other site users when disputes arise. Rules can be found here:

    Site Rules

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