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New ID@Xbox Summer Spotlight series showcases 34 upcoming indie games

  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer1,174,579
    Posted on 24 June 20 at 23:22
    Bring back Summer of Arcade!
  • EarthboundXEarthboundX1,586,953
    Posted on 25 June 20 at 01:04, Edited on 25 June 20 at 01:04 by EarthboundX
    Been watching Carrion since it was announced, nice to hear it'll go right into Gamepass.
    Posted on 25 June 20 at 06:30
    a lot of these seem super fun and interesting. but as always it will be the achievements which lead me to play or not. so fingers crossed for no glitchy achvs or 40 hours lol. they all look good imo, but it's a fine balancing act with achievements so it's long enough to enjoy the game without ending up hating it lol!!!!!!!!
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  • Iggsy81Iggsy81497,080
    Posted on 25 June 20 at 07:09
    jasonlc3221 said:
    I don't think The Last Night will ever make it to release at this point. Sadly, had a very small glimmer of hope that it might be on this list. I've practically lost all hope now cry
    Heh, so i JUST made a vid for YT with every cyberpunk game on Xbox that is out or upcoming and i included Last Night as the final one

    (shameless self-promotion but vid is here btw )

    I looked into it when i was making this vid and as far as im aware it is still technically coming out at some point, it hasnt been cancelled anyways, so there's still hope at least for now, but i get what u mean
  • St3phosaurusSt3phosaurus210,589
    Posted on 25 June 20 at 07:33
    So many cool ID games in these vids & so much creativity!

    I played Phogs at EGX a couple of years ago and its a tonne of fun in co-op. Also interested in Call of the Sea, The Forgotten City, Carrion and Wintermore Tactics Club. Hopefully some will come to Game Pass to save me spending all my money laugh <3 ID games
  • Smudgenat0rSmudgenat0r769,476
    Posted on 25 June 20 at 10:03
    Excited for Dead Static Drive, been following it since it's inception. Such an interesting looking game!
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  • Posted on 25 June 20 at 11:31
    Pretty excited for a large chunk of these games. Hope they come to Game Pass. Especially excited for Carrion!
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 25 June 20 at 11:37
    This is cool
  • AnToN XnAnToN Xn496,448
    Posted on 25 June 20 at 22:22
    Damn that's so nice to see so many original games, maybe some of them will be bad, but I really love the creativity of ID Xbox
  • wolfsburgrazwolfsburgraz692,610
    Posted on 01 July 20 at 19:04
    I finally got around to watching all of these videos today. I love that each of them had the creators or someone on their teams give a description and info about their games.

    RIP my wallet, there are at least 12 games I will definitely buy and many more I would probably pick up later.
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