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Xbox Games with Gold for July revealed

  • ElDylto1612ElDylto1612425,149
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 02:51Permalink
    Only one I might be interested in is Juju, and even then I don't know much about it!

    But if anyone has never played Saints row 2, Do it! Its awesome! Though it'll be tough to find someone to do the multiplayer achievements!
  • Posted on 26 June 20 at 04:58Permalink
    Huh, saints row 2 interested me a bit. I still haven't beaten 3 yet sooooo... backlog time.
  • GsO LightGsO Light156,895 156,895 GamerScore
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 05:41Permalink
    Ugh, I already have SR 2 facepalm
  • TwistedTBTwistedTB617,739
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 05:49Permalink
    Already own the 360 games, and sports and racing are my least favorite genres. Kind of a weak month for me.
    Warmest regards, TwistedTB.
  • stebeer85stebeer85479,700
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 06:09Permalink
    No more Racing games
  • Posted on 26 June 20 at 07:39Permalink
    Nice set of games. Great couple of months!
    If all pork chops were perfect, we wouldn't have Hot Dogs!!!
  • nikon82uknikon82uk421,906
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 07:54Permalink
    looking forward to driving on rand in wrc8
  • Posted on 26 June 20 at 08:19Permalink
    Are the online achievements still available to get for Saints Row 2?
  • Posted on 26 June 20 at 08:46Permalink
    I wish they would place the SR2 dlcs on sale as well. I already have SR2 but have always thought the dlcs are too expensive.
  • CenosisCenosis108,623
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 09:21Permalink
    So this is what it feels like when you already own a GwG for a second month in a row.
    I'm excited about Juju but the two XB1 games are a bust for me. Juju kept going on sale for two bucks when it did so I'll have to settle for being excited about a two dollar game next month.
    No big deal actually, I have a good sized backlog to catch up on anyway.
  • Posted on 26 June 20 at 09:40Permalink
    One does not simply stop playing xbox
  • I Boz lI Boz l666,236
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 09:49Permalink
    Juju is probably the only one i'll play.
    Kinda like easy/no stress platformers here and there
  • BobBoxBody29BobBoxBody29315,099
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 11:44Permalink
    Aww, man...I bought WRC 8 during a Gold Sale last month. Oh well. It's a fantastic rally game. So much better and tighter than WRC 7.
  • WwauWwau104,318
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 14:44Permalink
    Lavindathar said:
    RallyForLife#742 said:
    Amazing month for me!! Yeah
    Username checks out.
    yep, it really does!
  • WwauWwau104,318
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 14:45Permalink
    would of been a good lineup ten years ago lol SAINTS ROW 2? im sorry but i don't know what you're doing if you still don't have this game
  • Posted on 26 June 20 at 15:07Permalink
    buttmudBrooks said:
    Kinda silly how racing is being singled out as the overwhelming majority of games when you have far more platformers and shooters and other types of games on offer for Gold.
    Out of 315 games with gold games, I counted 20 racers and that is being generous (I counted toybox turbos, Burnout and Cars 2 which are arcade racers at best).
    6% is hardly Race with Gold.
    No there’s still too many racers. I see your 20 racers and “raise” you 7 shoot em up titles. maybe half (if I’m being generous) are what most shmup fans would consider part of the sub genre.
  • IllCl0wnIllCl0wn260,116
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 15:07Permalink
    Zedpellin said:
    Rally with Gold
    Kilotonn With Gold
  • SnipedByAGir1SnipedByAGir11,574,295
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 15:49Permalink
    Every month the games getting released are terrible choices for me. I can't stand sports or racing games. It's always racing games. GROSS!
  • AxeL R GRAxeL R GR242,652
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 17:20Permalink
    blackpariah25 said:
    I was surprised that a game, indie or not, would launch into GWG, but then I feel like that happened once before recently. I can't for the life of me think of what it was, though. Not Coffee Talk, that was new when it hit gwg but it had still been out for months.
    The Banner Saga 2, but that was years ago.
  • Posted on 26 June 20 at 18:00Permalink
    Seems like they are layering on the racers lately... at least they are a variety of racers though.
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