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Poll: What is your most anticipated Xbox game release of July?

  • Posted on 29 June 20 at 01:41Permalink
    I am very excited about Destroy All Humans! I love this series! I am also excited about Grounded. Reminds me of Honey I Shrunk The Kids and I really hope we can kill scorpions and train ants to fight for us. If we can, that'd be great! I will gladly spill scorpion blood for Antie! Long live Antie!
  • HQAZEHQAZE342,137
    Posted on 29 June 20 at 03:11Permalink
    F1 2020
    The new build Zandvoort and the first Dutch track in a F1 game smile
    #33 ftwclap
  • Posted on 29 June 20 at 03:13Permalink
    No exciting Xbox games releasing for me in July.

    I’ll be busy with Paper Mario: The Origami King. wave
  • Posted on 29 June 20 at 03:15Permalink
    Crooked Cracker said:
    SkaterXL, because I miss skateboard games, hopefully its decent.

    By the way, will there be a proper summer sale soon?
    You’ll have plenty of skateboard games to choose from, soon enough.
  • Posted on 29 June 20 at 07:43Permalink
    Other. Nothing really peaks my interest lately but I already have a bunch of games in my backlog I haven’t finished or even started yet. But that could change you never know.
    I PLAY TO HAVE FUN!!!! I do tend to play solo most of the time but always willing to play with others if they have time for that of course. TA ROCKS!!
  • Posted on 29 June 20 at 09:56Permalink
    I chose Other for Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2.
    Unarmed & dangerous.
  • Posted on 29 June 20 at 10:48Permalink
    I enjoyed Party Hard, so I'm looking forward to playing the second one, however I'll definitely be getting Destroy All Humans, so that got my vote.
  • GraymawrGraymawr147,875
    Posted on 29 June 20 at 12:34Permalink
    What happened to Tannenberg? It was on the list and for release on 07/24/2020.
  • Posted on 29 June 20 at 23:21Permalink
    Unlikely to play them 'til months down the line but the ones that stand out most to me are: Destroy All Humans, Grounded, Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus, and Rock of Ages 3.
    “How vain it is to sit down to write when one has not yet stood up to live…”
  • Sensei NeoSensei Neo1,176,302
    Posted on 30 June 20 at 07:58Permalink
    F1 2020 I guess... not that i will buy it at launch
  • Posted on 30 June 20 at 10:16Permalink
    Praying mechanicus will have keyboard/mouse support
  • Posted on 30 June 20 at 20:35Permalink
    Sword Art Online of course!
  • ll BLAIR llll BLAIR ll190,599
    Posted on 03 July 20 at 00:53Permalink
    Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 2.
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