Game Discussion: Dungeon of the Endless (Win 10)

Glitchy Achieve?

  • IcyThrasherIcyThrasher725,548
    Posted on 28 June 20 at 03:58, Edited on 28 June 20 at 04:04 by IcyThrasher
    Anyone else having issues unlocking the achievement for winning a game with all modules researched to at least lvl 1? I have done this on every run so far and I've completed 4 of the pods. This is also preventing me from unlocking the Library pod, which has this achievement as a pre-requisite. Any help or advice is appreciated.

    I also want to clarify, I have done the original drop pod twice now fully researching every module to level 4. So, at the research crystal I had no more options to research on both those runs on the original pod. I have done that on the Sanitary pod as well, and also the Infirmary pod and Armory pod (but these last 2 pods I am not sure if they have all the modules to even research).
  • IcyThrasherIcyThrasher725,548
    Posted on 28 June 20 at 18:50
    Another issue I am running into is that even when I have the achievements and have met the requirements for certain pods, They will have unlocked but after I quit and reload the game they are locked once again. I have even completed one of the pods and have the achievement, but the pod is sitting locked for me now.
  • Juan Rene VJuan Rene V128,819 128,819 GamerScore
    Posted on 05 July 20 at 15:47
    I have the exact same 2 problems, cant unlock science fair winner achievement and after I quit and reload the game, the refreezerator pod is locked again :c
    Any idea on how could this be fixed?
  • MemoriesOfFinalMemoriesOfFinal1,354,743
    Posted on 09 July 20 at 11:57
    I'm sure you'll love this answer. I couldn't unlock the Science Fair Winner achievement until I bought the Rescue Team DLC. Apparently it was also an issue back on Steam in 2015.
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