Game Discussion: Streets of Rogue

Quick Farming Nuggets Custom Character Build

  • ThisIsPrfctThisIsPrfct368,642
    Posted on 02 July 20 at 01:10
    If you need to farm some quick nuggets I designed a custom character just for that...

    * All stat points 1/4 except for Firearms 4/4.

    * Blahd Basher + Bloodlust + Crepe Crusher + Master of Disaster + Scientist Slayer + Specist + Vocally Challenged + Studious

    * Starting Item: Machine Gun.

    Just use mutators to give you infinite ammo and traits to make ranged OP, then kill everyone on sight... you will get bonus exp from studious, then more extra exp for Blahds, Crepes, Scientists, Gorillas (Rivals) and from breaking things (Master of Disaster) making you level up very quick and getting lots of nuggets... you can even upgrade studious to get more exp.
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