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PSA: You don't need to win the Playground Games event for the rewards anymore

  • ZekyriahZekyriah357,342
    Posted on 03 July 20 at 09:25, Edited on 03 July 20 at 09:39 by Zekyriah
    Starting now you no longer need to win the playground games event for the rewards in a season.

    Finishing at all will give you the rewards, as the requirement was changed to placing 2nd.

    Just figured this would be useful information for anyone holding off on completing everything in a series because of playground games.
  • BAMMphilBAMMphil799,661
    Posted on 03 July 20 at 16:48
    Thats a welcome change, the Playground Games were always the worst part of each season for me..
  • neilbanneilban138,657
    Posted on 04 July 20 at 19:25
    Can sometimes be a grind, sometimes it feels like you just keep getting matched with early quitters.

    I quite enjoy doing them once a week, wish it was best of 3 instead of 5 though.
  • Ian333333Ian333333546,331
    Posted on 10 July 20 at 22:52
    Wish I'd saw this before playing in 5 different games on losing teams before finally winning one!!!
  • SilentJay76SilentJay76595,349
    Posted on 20 July 20 at 09:03
    Thanks for this info. Might actually try to go for that achievement now. toast
  • Don NielsonDon Nielson307,605
    Posted on 03 August 20 at 10:42
    Finally! I hate the playground games.
  • MainstreamMainstream296,028
    Posted on 04 August 20 at 18:36
    That is great news. I always enjoyed doing the Trial, but not the playground games. Never had any fun doing them.
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