Game Discussion: Endless Legend (Windows)

Achievements glitched for me.

  • Posted on 05 July 20 at 02:58
    I typed in every command and every achievement popped. However, the game says I am at 990/1000 GS and have 70/71 achievements. There is no achievement listed under "locked achievements", and all 71 one are listed under "unlocked achievements". Anybody else have this problem? Any potential solution?
  • Posted on 05 July 20 at 03:31
    I should also add, I did the commands in the order they are written in the walkthrough, but the achievement "all roads lead to me" unlocked last for me, even though I did the command for it right in the middle of the order, everything else seemed to unlock for me fine, and it says this achievement is unlocked, but I can only assume it is what's causing this glitch. I know in the early days of the Xbox one this was fairly common and would just eventually sort itself out after a few days, but I've never had this issue with windows 10, but I guess I'll hope it just fixes itself eventually. If I'm stuck on 99% for this game that takes 10 minutes to 1000, I won't be a happy camper.
  • LavindatharLavindathar1,886,965
    Posted on 05 July 20 at 03:44
    It’s A common Glitch with windows 10 as well As Xbox.

    It’ll fix itself within a day or two. Honestly nothing to worry about.
  • Posted on 06 July 20 at 21:09
    Quick update in case anybody has the same problem. After about 3 days it fixed itself on its own, so I’m at 100% now.
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