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Xbox One Sale Roundup: July 14th, 2020

  • CenosisCenosis305,311
    Posted on 16 July 20 at 03:14
    Also decided to pick up Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. Looks really good for only being two bucks so how could I say no.

    Bought five games between the two sales (ten if I include the Mega Man games 1 through 6 individually) so hopefully I am done stuffing my backlog yet again.

    Last month or so I picked up three .99 cent games and this week three for 3.77 so this "dollar store" game deals stuff is pretty cool! Also picked up Mega Man 1-6 for six bucks so that probably counts too technically. Makin it rain! 💸
  • ZalexzyZalexzy2,741,865
    Posted on 16 July 20 at 06:01, Edited on 16 July 20 at 06:03 by Zalexzy
    Sensei Neo said:
    Heptagrammaton said:
    Sensei Neo said:
    A few i might get... good price on F1 2019 but I done it already
    While certainly a good price - completionists should beware as a couple of achievements were discontinued today due to online services closing:

    F1 2019 Flag Changes

    Edit: Well, actually maybe the achievements were discontinued a month ago but the flags were updated today though...
    Wow i didn't know that... surprised 2018 is still working then (i just did it on pc)
    It's weekly stuff they stopped, online works otherwise still. 2018 doesn't have that extra poop.

    They should not add achievements for that kind of things as they can't be bothered to make it automated system for years.
    Any problem solved is a new problem made.
  • Posted on 17 July 20 at 02:38
    DaMurn said:
    Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom for only AU$3 is very tempting - anyone played it and can offer any opinions?
    I was one of the first to complete it and it's definitely a great game with a beautiful atmosphere. Completion wise, it's pretty easy if following the guide, just don't be foolish with the no death achievement. It's a tiny rough around the edges due to the small dev team approaching an ambitious goal, but that's easily forgiven.

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