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Project $2 completion

  • Fluke939Fluke939514,053
    Posted on 17 July 20 at 14:09
    I am writing the walkthrough for Zaccaria Pinball and starting thinking about this.
    All the top solutions for each paid achievement advise getting the $10 bundle of EM tables.
    But I am sure it must be possible with the much cheaper Remake #1 bundle. I had my doubts about the tenability of Lamp Hunter on the remakes, but I just read a comment about someone scoring 1000 points in lamp hunter of Earth Wind Fire. I gotta try this out for myself,
    I feel like with that knowledge, maybe all 6 paid achievements can be done in the cheaper Remake #1 bundle.

    So my ask of any of you reading this
    Let me know if you find any table outside of EM Tables Bundle where any paid achievement can be unlocked

    And by paid achievement I mean the six achievements for game modes only available when you purchase a table bundle. Checkpoint, Challenge, Survivor, Lamp Hunter, Target Eliminator and 90 Sec.
    It seems Lamp is doable, checkpoint and challenge shouldn't be too hard, Survivor and Target Eliminator might be tricky, and 90 Sec sound be no trouble at all.

    With any luck, we can save future achievement hunters a few pennies.

  • Fluke939Fluke939514,053
    Posted on 02 August 20 at 12:29
    Progress so far.

    Challenge done on space shuttle

    90 and Lamp Hunter done on Earth Wind Fire
  • Posted on 22 August 20 at 07:34
    checkpoint can be done normal table. if I can everybody can
  • The CherishedThe Cherished1,506,146
    Posted on 15 October 20 at 01:35
    Earth Wind And Fire 2017 is basically easy mode for Lamp Hunter. Nothing else is working for me though.
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