Game Discussion: Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Can Deliveries be done online?

  • Posted on 21 July 20 at 11:59
    Hey Guys

    Just wondering, can we do the deliveries with a co-op partner? Reason I'm asking is that I really suck at flying a helicopter and I am finding it hard to complete some of them so if this was do able co-op, it would be a great thing.

    Gamer on a Mission.
  • WwauWwau158,786
    Posted on 21 July 20 at 12:24
    yes, you can do it with up to 4 people :)
  • Posted on 21 July 20 at 15:47
    Okay that's a relief. Anyone want to go in with me? I've set up a boosting session for this.
    Gamer on a Mission.
  • jj6yjj6y311,888
    Posted on 11 January 21 at 18:37
    who wanna do it with me im rubbish at every part of the game
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