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Easy Gamerscore: the 7 quickest game completions from the latest Xbox sales

  • Stormborn64Stormborn64525,027
    Posted on 22 July 20 at 14:22
    I had to make a new world in pixark but still got the full thousand in the trial, so you have a good amount of time to spare.
  • Boots OrionBoots Orion759,075
    Posted on 22 July 20 at 14:31
    I can't believe there is a game called Snakeybus.

    As an aside, does anyone else find it weird that TA changed the format and style of the comment section in forums and didn't make an announcement?
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  • DMB GRUX 41DMB GRUX 41165,087
    Posted on 22 July 20 at 14:45
    SoulyDconte said:
    Pixark's achievements can all be obtained with the trial for free
    I second this, yet I still have yet to get one angry
  • SymbianceSymbiance227,141
    Posted on 23 July 20 at 01:00
    Ultramarine360 said:
    Bear with me is OK but yeah stone and pix ark need to drop in price before I bite. Like P3 says, the consumer sets the price. No likely no lighty.
    if you are wanting to do pixark just for the achievements, they can be acquired through the trial. i did the 2 hour trial on the account, then on an alt account i had signed in i got an extra 2 hours. which netted me 100%
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