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Hello Neighbor 2 is bringing stealth-horror to Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC in 2021

  • CanezzaCanezza168,272
  • poochz0rzpoochz0rz249,469
    Posted on 23 July 20 at 16:31
    I played the first one on Game Pass and I really just couldn't get into it. The physics and interactions in the game just seemed wonky. Or maybe I was just bad haha. Luckily I decided to stop before I got an achievement, but I did play a while before that happened.

    Although this sort of seems similar, as a sequel should, it does look more interesting and a more fluid experience. And creepier too, that bird cutting the door down and jumping out the window after you was unsettling. As expansive as the house was, this one being open world sounds nice as well. I think this game will be on my list somewhere.
  • Skanker irlSkanker irl887,761
    Posted on 23 July 20 at 19:42
    I enjoyed the first one. I'll play the sequel for sure.
    Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!
  • I Boz lI Boz l1,014,831
    Posted on 23 July 20 at 19:53
    Completed 2 of the series just because they are on Game Pass.
    Honestly, just a cheap game that had some months of popularity thanks to some youtube "gamers".

    I can understand that kids likes it...but other than that, every game in the series is the same! Just because of its trend, they wanted to sold more....but damn guys, don't spend money on this trash!
    Posted on 24 July 20 at 01:38, Edited on 24 July 20 at 01:39 by MC PHILABUSTA
    Why????..who asked for this ?? Lol
  • Posted on 24 July 20 at 10:05
    This series is more frequent than annual sports games!
  • KaiyoOrganizKaiyoOrganiz325,863
    Posted on 25 July 20 at 08:57
    Why????..who asked for this ?? Lol
    The folks that are like Mr Eps7%^&.
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