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Progression lost issue

  • geordiedeviantgeordiedeviant1,461,963
    Posted on 24 July 20 at 10:02
    Hi all,

    Anyone else encountered this?
    Played a fairly lengthy session last night starting at around 50% through C1 and was almost at the end of Chapter 1.

    Fired the game up this morning and my progress has taken me back to presumably where I started the previous evening. All of my level 10 upgrades, pilot upgrades, mission progress all nuked. :/

    It looks to me like it never synced my console save to the cloud and now when starting it downloaded the latest cloud save.
    I'm 99.9% sure I quit out of the game correctly at the end of the session to trigger a sync.

  • EnlunaEnluna931,462
    Posted on 06 August 20 at 17:57, Edited on 08 August 20 at 21:34 by Enluna
    The same happened to me... I was on the final mission of act 2 and the game started from last mission of act 1 when I resume today. I assume it's a glitch/sync error from the game
  • geordiedeviantgeordiedeviant1,461,963
    Posted on 07 August 20 at 10:27
    Had a message back from the pub saying that the issue is being investigated.
    At this time no further details.

    If it's a syncing issue it might be out of their hands. But I did see someone also reporting this type of issue for Airplane Evolution aswell. Hopefully they can work something out.
  • Hero of NightHero of Night1,177,263
    Posted on 07 August 20 at 21:29
    Ugh. Yeah I was in Act 2 spent all day playing, even did three stars for chapter 1, came back and restarted at level one.
  • Cheme CompCheme Comp349,044
    Posted on 30 August 20 at 21:15
    Was having the same issues, lost my progress twice. The only way I have found to make sure my game is saved is to exit to the in game menu screen and then select profile and re-select your profile. This seems to force a save, as after i have been doing this i have not lost my progress. hope this helps.
  • Stealth DavidStealth David2,769,174
    Posted on 19 September 20 at 10:46
    This game really is a glitched pos
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