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Double Kick Heroes achievement list revealed

  • iMaginaryyiMaginaryy2,242,770
    Posted on 06 September 20 at 01:29
    Boots Orion said:
    CODYWWE24 said:
    New Paralyzer said:
    Anxsighety said:
    New Paralyzer said:
    14G and 66G.

    They’re both on the easier side so I don’t get your point. I don’t like it either but at least it’s not the extreme difficulty stuff. So who cares.
    Oh that's different. It's not a problem when it's the gimmes. It's gross having your overall GS be different.
    You people take gaming score way to serious.
    This is rich coming from a guy with exactly 82000 TA.
    Not anymore ;)
    Fear is the mindkiller.
  • ALoneWolf42ALoneWolf42383,068
    Posted on 27 October 20 at 15:24
    Anxsighety said:
    Or I have massive anxiety, especially with numbers. Thanks for chiming in though pal.
    I'm sorry to hear that you face this. I have some anxiety myself, but it hasn't involved numbers.

    Now that somebody pointed out it's not an even divisible of 5, I'm trying to gauge in myself if it bothers me. I don't think it does.

    I have no control over the TA. Right now I've got a TA score of xx,613. I'm feeling the same way about the GS.
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