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Darksiders Genesis, Man of Medan and five more titles join Xbox Game Pass this month

  • EmagDrolBotEmagDrolBot269,872
    Posted on 15 August 20 at 16:55
    That's strange. I tried it myself and the achievement popped and my GS went up (which did scan into TA properly), but the game doesn't appear. So they're half working at least.

    Showing as FF7 Windows 10 edition by itself isn't unusual. The FFXV PC version shows as Windows Edition as well, despite sharing a list.
  • Fir3Blad316Fir3Blad316637,900
    Posted on 16 August 20 at 05:48
    Yeah okay that with the list is true. But see you also got an achievement and it went up. Very strange it don’t has a list but achievements. How is it with the other FF game. Think it’s part 9 or 8
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