Game Discussion: Swimsanity!

Glitchy achievements

  • K4rn4geK4rn4ge1,989,821
    Posted on 10 August 20 at 05:05, Edited on 10 August 20 at 06:26 by K4rn4ge
    The 100 total player KO's achievement glitched on me as well as the 50 total orb caps. I already unlocked the 1000 kills achievement. Another friend of mine Printmatic actually had the 15 kill achievement glitch on him even though that one unlocked for me. I'm not sure what is causing this or if it is just a random glitch but I have already brought it to the devs attention and they will be looking into it, and hopefully fixing it so that all achievements will be possible. Please post your findings as well everyone so we can find more info out. Fun game though, more people should get it!
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  • ViniBTViniBT291,373
  • K4rn4geK4rn4ge1,989,821
    Posted on 16 November 20 at 20:57
    Yeah thanks I'm aware, just forgot to post, sorry! Need to go back to this soon!
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  • ViniBTViniBT291,373
    Posted on 17 November 20 at 11:26
    Not a problem, man. I was just giving a heads up for those afraid to start the game.

    Besides that, I see there's one guy who've just completed it. So it seems achievements are definitely fixed.
  • I Boz lI Boz l790,549
    Posted on 18 November 20 at 10:46
    On Xbox some achievements says they've only been unlocked by 0,01 or 0,02%...if the TA players is effectively the only one who got them (and so completed the game), i think i'll wait to see more
  • m6wg4bxwm6wg4bxw529,009
    Posted on 19 November 20 at 07:17, Edited on 23 November 20 at 09:16 by m6wg4bxw
    I'm 83% on the game. For me, everything has unlocked correctly so far. Note that achievements for survival levels actually unlock upon reaching wave 21, though they read "survive to wave 20."

    Edit: I thought I should add... Everything else about this game is a mess. It's the laggiest, glitchiest, crashiest game I've ever played. ...but the achievements seem to unlock properly, if you can get there.

    Edit 2: 100% and everything unlocked as it should.
  • NxblNxbl253,176
    Posted on 20 November 20 at 18:31
    My game crashed two times while being at the boss fight on Toxic Lagoon on swimsanity difficulty and it crashed while being on the last phase.

    I'm just glad that I made it and am the second to unlock all cheevos but man it was so difficult haha!

    There are some places where u get stuck, can't see your mooba, can't shoot, etc etc. but overall I think it's a decent game beside the glitches and crashes.
  • d3nield83d3nield83224,924
    Posted on 21 November 20 at 19:44, Edited on 21 November 20 at 20:19 by d3nield83
    I'm sitting at 94 Versus KO's now, but the achievement for 15 KO's hasn't unlocked yet. Has anyone else the same problem?

    Ok, now it unlocked, while i was playing Single Player Adventure. Looks like the achievements can still be glitchy.
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