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Rusty Gun achievement list revealed

  • VivaJerryVivaJerry239,198
    Posted on 13 August 20 at 08:11
    Dev's thought process... a nice round 50, a nice round 50, a neat 100.... boring!! Let's throw in a 44, a 51, a 72 for gamerscore.
  • Corrupt XBACorrupt XBA2,729,524
    Posted on 13 August 20 at 08:36
    Love me some "odd" gamescore amounts, separates the men from the boys
  • bLaKgRaVybLaKgRaVy857,951
    Posted on 13 August 20 at 16:03
    There’s usually a cheat code for Victory Road games which make these relatively easy.
  • YazFromAlcatrazYazFromAlcatraz1,269,695
    Posted on 27 August 20 at 18:18
    I don't see any cheat codes for this game blakgravy....
  • Posted on 02 September 20 at 14:46
    Será que não tem códigos nesse jogo?
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