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Debug Menu allows for a lot of easy achievements with infinite health/ammo/grenades

  • Bastian ReaderBastian Reader1,248,631
    Posted on 14 August 20 at 21:33, Edited on 15 August 20 at 21:10 by Bastian Reader
    This game has a debug menu which allows for an easy 4000 TA and 800 gamerscore with infinite health, ammo, grenades, and dog tags (currency).

    How to access:
    First of all, you will want to bring up the debug menu. On the main menu highlight Options and then hold down cn_LT, cn_LSl, cn_Y, and then cn_start. Make sure to turn on infinite ammo, infinite grenades, and infinite health. Also change the level to whatever level you want.

    Next you will need to bring up the Backer menu. Go back to the main menu and highlight Options again and then hold down cn_LT, cn_LSr, cn_Y, and then cn_start and choose backer 7 Jacqui. Also select your whatever level you want as the starting area.

    Only difficult achievements will be some of the last few S Rank achievements like HQ and The Forest. There are some good solutions for those by RedmptionDenied and me.

    Some of the "easy" achievements with the debut menu
    Xeno CrisisHEAD RUSHThe HEAD RUSH achievement in Xeno Crisis worth 293 pointsCOMPLETE BOSS RUSH MODE

    Xeno CrisisHAPPY ENDINGThe HAPPY ENDING achievement in Xeno Crisis worth 285 pointsCOMPLETE THE GAME AND RECEIVE THE GOOD ENDING

    Xeno CrisisHARD CORPSThe HARD CORPS achievement in Xeno Crisis worth 285 pointsCOMPLETE THE GAME ON 'HARD'
  • Sir PaulygonSir Paulygon809,042
    Posted on 15 August 20 at 20:48
    Oooh. Fancy! Thanks for the tip!
    Don't worry about criticism from people that you wouldn't seek advice from.
  • MikeL DD3MikeL DD3406,034
    Posted on 16 August 20 at 04:17
  • DodiciV12DodiciV12144,121
    Posted on 20 August 20 at 15:50
    This was very helpful! Thanks a lot!
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,742,921
    Posted on 10 October 20 at 18:15
    Thanks for sharing this!
  • ALoneWolf42ALoneWolf42168,462
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 20:35, Edited on 22 October 20 at 20:36 by ALoneWolf42
    Thanks so much! I’m going to try this when I get home.

    I’m kindof rubbish at games that need fast reflexes.. I spent all my continues just to reach the first boss. laugh
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