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Xbox Game Pass is getting 13 new games in August and September

  • CanezzaCanezza101,144
  • jimmypop01jimmypop01455,118
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:42
    Well shit, my backlog was going so well and now I have Battletoads, Resi 7, Tell Me Why, Darksiders Genesis, Wastelanders 3 and New Super Luck Tale calling my name. I need more time in my day.
  • supkrissupkris844,277
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:44
    Whoever still says gamepass is not worth it, think again. The diversity is what drives it. Nice additions.
  • dymagatedymagate722,346
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:47
    I've been meaning to go back to Don't Starve for ages, really enjoyed it but now will have no memory of it! Gamepass has absolutely been worth the investment, had so much fun with games on it that it's paid for itself many times over.
  • BlackxRyanBlackxRyan721,968
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:48
    Great we don't have to by Super Lucky's Tale again
  • Beav29Beav29301,765 301,765 GamerScore
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:49
    When we getting ff10 and 12.
    I AM A CHEATER!!!!!!
  • Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:49
    Excited for Wasteland and Battletoads.
    Tell me Why could be good, hopefully easy achievements too.
    Are any of these potential easy completions?
    I would be Unstoppable, if not for Law Enforcement and Physics
  • SaurvivalistSaurvivalist830,475
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:50
    *Insert "when is Game Pass going to finally get good games, I already played most of these and the new releases look boring" comment here*
  • MarekidzeMarekidze189,654
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:50
    Dang! Have No Resident evil On Tag! Maybe the right 1 To start from?
    Just Tell Me Why.... ?? laugh
  • fabian907fabian907383,090
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:51
    My backlog growing smaller.
    Me: :D

    My backlog seeing me fade away.
    Me: >:)
    Mexican-American but not fluent in Spanish :P Saved by Kendrick Lamar Healed by Travis Scott
  • SilentRich69SilentRich69798,776
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:51
    I'm from Buenos Aires and I say kill em all!
  • meatman75meatman75977,249
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:52
    GP Ultimate for $16.99/month which gives you Live Gold, GP for console and PC plus xCloud that is shareable on 2 consoles, total bargain!
  • Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:55
    NBA 2k20 and Red Dead Redemption 2 added to the leaving soon list

    Spiritfarer, Battletoads, Dont Starve Giant Edition, New Super Lucky's Tale, Tell Me Why, Wastland 3 will all get play time by me
    Gamer for lifeFan of games not plastic boxs
  • SkrubitsSkrubits662,743
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:56
    I hope RE7 doesn’t get a Win10 stack as I don’t have access to a PC.
  • No Bad GamesNo Bad Games142,822
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 18:57
    re7 win10 stack please
    Bears, Beats, Battlestar Galactica.
  • I Boz lI Boz l790,871
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 19:14
    No Bad Games said:
    re7 win10 stack please
    I'll definitely agree with this.
    For a second i thought it was the case...but just remembered it's play anywhere so i don't think there will be any chance
  • zoidberg1339zoidberg1339440,426
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 19:15
    Tell Me Why is going to be peak cringe

    calling it now, don't @ me
    I just wanted to play video games.
  • Posted on 18 August 20 at 19:22
    Battletoads may get a play through. Have a few games coming up and a few that i need to finish so most of the games here just aren't worth me jumping into.
  • SuperPed13SuperPed13461,554
    Posted on 18 August 20 at 19:23
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 18 August 20 at 19:26
    RE7 is the definitely the most immersive RE game, and actually the only one in the series that i found somewhat scary. Great to see so much variety overall in GP, pretty much every genre is covered.
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