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Xbox Game Pass is getting 13 new games in August and September

  • ggallinftwggallinftw436,414
    Posted on 19 August 20 at 14:50
    Loxim said:
    Give me the rest of the final fantasy series that were announced last fall please.
    Yes! It's gettin close to a year since the announcement! Literally every month I read these articles expecting to see FFX and they disappoint me every single time.
  • HollowHarmHollowHarm706,315
    Posted on 19 August 20 at 16:09
    Awesome! I'm legit excited for a few of these releases and a few are expected to be easy completions so that's a plus.
  • Big Hat PaulBig Hat Paul171,626
    Posted on 19 August 20 at 20:39
    Such a really great list.
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  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm614,871
    Posted on 20 August 20 at 01:10
    I hope Tell Me Why sticks around. I'm not going to play it until I can binge all chapters at once.
  • DarthDawaDarthDawa406,694
    Posted on 20 August 20 at 03:41
    I’m done buying games; just waiting for game pass. Literally just bought Resi7 during the last Capcom sale.
  • Ace ChewieAce Chewie763,819
    Posted on 20 August 20 at 12:33, Edited on 20 August 20 at 12:34 by Ace Chewie
    dymagate said:
    I've been meaning to go back to Don't Starve for ages, really enjoyed it but now will have no memory of it! Gamepass has absolutely been worth the investment, had so much fun with games on it that it's paid for itself many times over.
    lol glad its not just me that happens to.. i tend to stick to one game at a time for this reason.

    Nice additions to GP
  • Legohead 1977Legohead 19771,894,596
    Posted on 20 August 20 at 14:54, Edited on 20 August 20 at 14:55 by Legohead 1977
    Stinky Big Buds said:
    Dave Bodom said:
    superniceguy said:
    supkris said:
    Whoever still says gamepass is not worth it, think again. The diversity is what drives it. Nice additions.
    Still not worth it (£7.99 per month) compared to what PS+ was like to begin with, they used to give out 5 AAA games per month for £40 per year and you get to play them forever on active sub. All games you got 10 years ago are playable still, (unless server based and servers shut down)

    GP is about £100 per year and some of these may not be available in a few months time. Its money down the drain

    PS NOW only cost £ 29.85 per year £2.50 permonth and with over 700 games there is far more choice and less worry of them leaving in a month as they state how much time is left and most games are permanent like EA ACCESS
    I love how no matter what, without fail, you're on these announcements complaining that you aren't given enough time to complete every single one of the 100+ games on it and therefore its unfair and terrible.
    Literally every single time, it's like they want to make sure people know there's at least one thing people aren't happy about. It's literally the only thing that warrants a slight bit of critisism, trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Trying desperately to scrape together something bad to say about GP, instead they just come accross as bitter and salty that so many people love GP.
    I dunno, if it works and MS take notice I would be very you say, this is the only, (very small), issue I have with GamePass. I know nothing of PS Now, or what it does or doesn't have, but a bit more warning on when games are leaving would be most welcome.
    Legohead 1977
  • SeitzzSeitzz1,098,391
    Posted on 20 August 20 at 15:37, Edited on 20 August 20 at 20:43 by Seitzz
    Wow, just noticed that Don't Starve has Play Anywhere. When this article first went up, it had Win 10 listed but I just assumed it would be a version without achievements. Very much looking forward to this now! Well most likely never mind now, looks like this also brought in console commands and away goes my desire to play this game, at least on this account.
  • liriuscatliriuscat531,166
    Posted on 21 August 20 at 01:07
    Awesome games. I can't wait :)
  • yxnihsyxnihs183,755
    Posted on 21 August 20 at 03:31
    if you ever think about getting gamepass get the gamepass ultimate since it pays for both gamepass and gold plus its cheaper than buying them seperate and on that note you get access to tons of games without having to actually pay for each game and then find out you don't like it hence wasting money with gamepass ultimate if you don't like a game just uninstall it its that simple and you don't end up wasting money on 1 game because there are other games out there to try out
  • wildwest08wildwest081,655,147
    Posted on 21 August 20 at 23:00
    Tell Me Why looks interesting so might play that someday. Hopefully will do the Flight simulator as well
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