Game Discussion: Talking Tom Candy Run

Some achievements are broken

  • SqueezefanSqueezefan611,344
    Posted on 17 January 21 at 01:32
    Jan 17 2021 and still no update for achievements.
  • Deller1989Deller1989367,035
    Posted on 29 January 21 at 09:25
    I have emailed Outift7 again to see if they can give a date for when any updates will be rolled out but at this point i am guessing they just dont care.
  • VjOnItGood81VjOnItGood81173,952
    Posted on 03 February 21 at 07:25
    Hi, everyone. I have the same issues as well. I am missing about 3-4 achievements between the happy cloud buddy, donut dreamland, and 25,000 candies in a single run. I hope this update can come soon as it should.
  • DavidDavid365,849
    Posted on 31 May 21 at 12:00
    Still no update.
    I don't approve this message.
  • Kikoo123Kikoo123484,102
    Posted on 12 July 21 at 08:09
    I sent them an email on the issue too just then, I'll let you guys know if they respond on this issue.
    ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo
  • Kikoo123Kikoo123484,102
    Posted on 15 July 21 at 09:23
    Well same old thing it seems.


    Good to hear from you.

    Thank you for reporting this issue. Our team is already aware of the problem and is working to fix it. The fix should be released with the next update, however, we do not have a timeline on when this update might be released. Sorry to say this.

    If you have any other questions, give us a shout.

    Kind regards,
    ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo
  • Serious X DevilSerious X Devil1,340,923
    Posted on 23 July 21 at 01:57, Edited on 23 July 21 at 01:58 by Serious X Devil
    Can't believe these achievements have not been fixed and are still broken all this time.
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