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Can't progress

  • Mince lfcMince lfc1,685,669
    Posted on 29 August 20 at 12:58, Edited on 04 September 20 at 21:03 by Mince lfc
    I'm unable to pick up the gold trophy after defeating the second boss so i can't progress any futher, i just run through it. I've tried replaying the level but the same thing happens. Has this happened to anyone else? Or is there any fix?

    I was able to collect it on the 5th attempt by standing close to the boss when it's on the last health bar and collecting it quickly after defeating it.

    Not sure if it's just my game but I'll leave this here incase anyone else has the same issue
  • Av3ng3d7X x360aAv3ng3d7X x360a1,668,670
    Posted on 03 September 20 at 20:43, Edited on 03 September 20 at 20:44 by Av3ng3d7X x360a
    Nope i have the same problem.
  • Chris ScarceChris Scarce1,558,648
    Posted on 11 September 20 at 12:04, Edited on 11 September 20 at 12:05 by Chris Scarce
    I am having the same problem. I cant pick it up after beating it. had to get near the boss, when it was nearly beat only then could i pick it up.
    C Scarce
  • Sera Di SiahSera Di Siah1,171,332
    Posted on 05 October 20 at 20:33
    Doesn't help that the game is fucking trash as well, definitely one of the worst 'easy 1000G' of 2020
    kid you live in forest i smell it go takes care about your cows and let mens to do buisness
  • neeker75neeker751,338,763
    Posted on 22 December 20 at 06:37
    Has this been patched?
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