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Xbox Game Pass gets nine new games in September

  • Posted on 06 September 20 at 03:40
    MaurickShepherd said:
    Sandman Prime said:
    RE5 was utter trash compared to RE4, a large part of that was because of co op.
    To each their own. I thought the co-op was fine, but the partner AI you were left with if you didn't have someone online to play with was very underwhelming and unhelpful.
    I never played it with ai, always had one of two people playing online, was still a dreadful game.
  • Aeneas137Aeneas13783,928
    Posted on 06 September 20 at 18:31
    I'm totally just being an opinionated ass, but imo there's way too much indie shit in the Game Pass. I don't play any of that crap, maybe with a rare exception, and then not for long. I don't expect AAA games to populate the whole thing, but here's my gripe for Xbox: Why isn't their entire classics library of first-party games in the Game Pass?
  • Posted on 07 September 20 at 00:19
    Tons to look forward to personally. Can't wait to start RE7.
  • oromexboxoromexbox72,139
    Posted on 09 September 20 at 17:34
    Gotta say I haven't been surprised by a RE game in quite a while. I started it yesterday and was hooked.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm434,431
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