Game Discussion: Party Hard 2

Collector's Edition

  • PabloUK85PabloUK85601,412
    Posted on 06 September 20 at 20:55
    Just a quick question - would anyone recommend picking up the Collector's Edition instead of the standard one? Think it only gives you DLC that doesn't come with achievements (well, not yet anyways or none that I can see), wondered if anyone knows if it's worth getting - feel free to check it out if you like football/soccer
  • BigNev44BigNev441,819,734
    Posted on 06 September 20 at 21:29
    I got the game early this past monday, it wasn't the Col!actors Edition but from what I see so far, you can play other killers (you can see them on the character select screen but cannot choose them) and oh get extra stages, if say just get it if you enjoy the game and in case it gets achievements later on.
  • VudixVudix2,099,121
    Posted on 08 September 20 at 03:43
    It’s somewhat worth it, but the original character is still the best. You’re not missing out. Especially considering one of the characters disables the ability to earn achievement/complete objectives when you use them.
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