Game Discussion: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Looking for Online Boosting

  • DEEJUNEDEEJUNE204,827 204,827 GamerScore
    Posted on 10 September 20 at 05:21
    PM me. Located in PST time zone. Free most days. Thanks.
    Microsoft clippy
  • halohogghalohogg120,424
    Posted on 10 September 20 at 12:28
    Trying to clean up all your music games are you? I'm working through all my vocal careers that languished for years.
  • DEEJUNEDEEJUNE204,827 204,827 GamerScore
    Posted on 18 March 21 at 01:45
    Looking for something to boost about 250 online ranked wins. Other player in my group isn't playing anymore
    Microsoft clippy
  • janol33janol33334,843
    Posted on 08 July 21 at 22:45
    looking for someone to boost online ranked wins
  • Posted on 16 July 21 at 15:15
    If anyone is still looking to boost online wins Please add me!
  • LordShaxxLordShaxx106,055
    Posted on 06 November 21 at 15:16
    Looking to boost all online achievements for this game. Based in the UK, free most evenings and weekends. Please message me on xbox live or here!
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