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The Jackbox Party Pack 7 achievement list revealed

  • LancerideLanceride406,660
    Posted on 21 September 20 at 19:44
    Blah blah blah forum signature
  • Parkman RulesParkman Rules1,131,096
    Posted on 21 September 20 at 19:48
    Played a lot of the 3 first packs and then completely lose interest in them. There is always a game or two that are not that good and the lack of translation is a real bummer. It makes it hard to find people to play with when english is not your first language. We still play it from time to time specially quiplash, drawful and tee k-o.
  • Posted on 21 September 20 at 20:17
    Nice! I love the series as a lot of my friends and family aren't really gamers, so this allows everyone to play and have a great time. I haven't played 6 yet but I'll keep an eye on this one too and maybe I'll pick it up.
  • Fatal CruxFatal Crux795,543
    Posted on 21 September 20 at 21:14
    6 wasn’t as good as 5. Here’s hoping 7 is more fun
  • buttmudBrooksbuttmudBrooks1,241,059
    Posted on 21 September 20 at 21:42
    Always good to see the games I like. My favorite 2 are Fibbage and Quiplash. I think I own all of these but have only made it to the second one because I only ever play them with parties and those have been rarities this year for some reason...
    Always number 2.
  • YabadabaDrewYabadabaDrew477,763
    Posted on 22 September 20 at 11:38
    I'm sure it's because new releases sell way more than add-ons but man it would be nice if all of these packs were in one launcher.
  • LeLegendLeLegend340,839
    Posted on 22 September 20 at 20:27
    Coming to a twitch stream near you. Probably won't buy but will jump in a stream to play for a laugh.
  • wildwest08wildwest081,160,380
    Posted on 23 September 20 at 15:36
    I enjoy the series, especially in game pass 😁
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