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AHK Script to automate Job levelling

  • EmagDrolBotEmagDrolBot270,212
    Posted on 27 September 20 at 06:28, Edited on 04 October 20 at 03:36 by EmagDrolBot
    An old game on a dead platform, but maybe this can still help some people.

    I wrote a script to (almost) fully automate the process of levelling all 23 Jobs to 99 on every character. The script is linked at the bottom of this post, so please read all of this first. I'll try to be detailed regarding setup and instructions, but first some caveats:

    The only person to test this so far is me, on my device (Lumia 650) with my desktop. Any differences in device resolution will almost certainly require some maintenance work before the script works for you. Here are the exact dimensions of the Projection Client, when running FF3 in Landscape for me:
    w: 816 h: 509
    Client: w: 800 h: 450

    You can check yours by using AHK's Window Spy feature (Right click AHK in the task tray)

    This script will move your mouse and click for you. Don't have anything open in the background where rogue clicks could break something important. I've obviously done my best to make sure that that's very unlikely, but I'm not making guarantees. I'm sure many people on WP/Win8/Win10 games are no strangers to AHK scripts, but if it bothers you, give it a skip.

    You'll need to download a third party replacement app to project your WP screen to your PC.
    Details here:
    Direct download via Onedrive here:!AsNY9CSRTH0roqhZlAT6e9xFN8KmHg

    Script setup:

    The script works in the first area of the game (Altar Cave). Enter the cave and go straight south down the first set of stairs to find this tunnel. Start the script while standing in this tunnel.

    Here is a screenshot of the tunnel, which also shows my device resolution:

    You must make sure that your phone has the charging port to the right. Note in the screenshot that there is a black bar on the right side of the screen. This must be on the right, not the left. The bar will appear on the side where you have the base of the phone (home and back buttons, charging port etc.)

    After downloading the script, you will need to edit your party composition near the top. Instructions are also inside the script source code. This lets the script calculate how many turns it should guard before killing the enemy to maximize growth rate. To be efficent, group jobs with similar growth rates together.

    Scholar and Thief are special cases. You must not have both in the party at once (the script won't start if you do). Because these jobs can't Guard, they instead use Attack while the Mini status is inflicted on them. This deals one damage per turn and is essentially equivalent to Guarding. It just risks killing enemies early occasionally (this is why you don't want two at once).

    Make sure all your party members are in the back row.

    Run the script, then start the farming by pressing F6. Start it from the tunnel in the screenshot.

    F8 will reload the script, ending any current actions until you press F6 again.

    What the script will do:
    - It will calculate the number of turns it should use Guard based on your party composition. It will go by the slowest growing job in the party. To be efficient, group together jobs with similar growth rates.
    - Run left and right in the tunnel until it finds an enemy.
    - Guard the number of turns necessary
    - Kill the enemies
    - Wait until all the loot windows are over with, then go back to running.

    What the script will not do:
    - Save your game. You should routinely stop the script and run outside to heal and save. How often is up to you.
    - Heal your characters. They will very slowly die here, taking a few points of damage per fight.
    - Set up your party by inflicting the Mini status where necessary or putting characters in the back row. Do this yourself.
    - Tell you when a job reaches 99. Check this yourself and don't forget to update the party info in the script source when you change them.

    Script source:
    Video of the script in action, with a party of Warrior, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage:

    Let me know if you have any questions or problems. I'll try my best to help.
  • kliqIMBkliqIMB533,132
    Posted on 04 October 20 at 06:28
    All right. So now that I got this functioning it's working FLAWLESSLY. Thanks so much to OP for helping me out with some of the code to make this work.

    So I have a Lumia 640 and naturally I needed to change up some of the X/Y coordinates to make this work. First, I'll say, I couldn't get this to work unless my window on the Project App was maximized. For whatever reason, the pixel that has the required Hex Code for color was NOT showing up when my window was normal sized. I tried to edit the Hex Code in the code itself, but that didn't work.

    Instead I maximized the window and used the following info:

    ; All pixel values for the battle screen
    button1X:= 667
    button1Y:= 972
    button2X:= 667
    button2Y:= 1139
    button3X:= 667
    button3Y:= 1304

    lootButtonX:= 2130
    lootButtonY:= 131

    I suppose it should also be noted that my screen is 1440p and this is using the "Window" line in Window Spy of AHK. I tried using "Client" since that was (recommended) but it never worked. Additionally, the walking was a little messed up in that it would move left/right too quickly so it wasn't walking as long. I changed the following under "goingRight":

    PixelGetColor, wallRight, 1930, 737
    PixelGetColor, screenCenter, 1128, 737

    And this under "goingLeft"

    PixelGetColor, wallLeft, 460, 737
    PixelGetColor, screenCenter, 1128, 737

    Everything else is as is and I'm grinding away before I go fight Garuda. This was absolutely fantastic though.
  • AlehldeanAlehldean274,258
    Posted on 17 November 20 at 17:00, Edited on 17 November 20 at 17:27 by Alehldean
    Oh this is so sexy! Really glad I went with the 650 now.
    Now I just need to wait for it to show up.

    Out of curiosity, while I wait, can this be run with the screen off? I would assume so but I'd like to check since my computer is in my bedroom and I don't want to have to leave my screen on all night while I'm trying to sleep.
  • EmagDrolBotEmagDrolBot270,212
    Posted on 17 November 20 at 17:55
    Your monitor can be off, yeah.
  • AlehldeanAlehldean274,258
    Posted on 26 November 20 at 01:41
    Got it running with some extra help from Emag!

    Seriously awesome script. This is really going to help cut down on some of the grind.
  • DadMikkelsenDadMikkelsen586,737
    Posted on 04 January 21 at 12:50
    Thank you so much for making this! I finished the grind once already, but my old phone could no longer upload the achievement. Now I'm faced with the task of not only beating enough of the game again to unlock all jobs, but then re-grinding it out. This has massively improved my outlook.
  • kliqIMBkliqIMB533,132
    Posted on 09 January 21 at 22:27
    DadMikkelsen said:
    Thank you so much for making this! I finished the grind once already, but my old phone could no longer upload the achievement. Now I'm faced with the task of not only beating enough of the game again to unlock all jobs, but then re-grinding it out. This has massively improved my outlook.
    Just want to give you a heads up that WP achievements are down right now, so don't rush into unlocking these just yet.
  • DadMikkelsenDadMikkelsen586,737
    Posted on 10 January 21 at 09:57
    Cheers, thanks for the heads-up.
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